I absolutely LOVE this painting because its probably the only painting I have seen done by a Muslim during the early periods, i.e. 19th century that possesses depth, value, perspective, detail of texture and even sfumato to depict the hazy background that provides the light which ultimately pervades the scene. Additionally, the details provide a very accurate depiction of the historical account of Muslims during the era, specifically in Egypt, in aspect of garb, practice, even the architecture. I love that it depicts other people on the background also praying in various different areas in the scene, on the minaret, rooftops of various distances from the foreground, all spread out in the scene. I love even more that the artist illustrates the prayers not in jamat, but in various positions, which therefore accurately illustrates the many positions and the procedure of the salat practice. Looking at this induces a feeling of peace in me, to imagine praying underneath the wide-open, beautiful sky.

Well there’s my art criticism of the day haha. This inspires me as a Muslim artist <3

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